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May 18, 2006



Wowsers! My initial apologetic response is - I'm just being a melodramatic big girl over it all...and *shucks*: 'regal calm', eh?! But, on a more serious note...All I really know is that - for now - music is where I feel. Everything else is so messed up that I can't make sense of it, or really feel it: these musical moments are the only real sites of my feeling at this stage in my life. You're right about wanting that burning...needing it almost, to help build myself up. I'm very thankful to have a friend such as you, who understands the work that musics are doing for me right now, cares enough to want to be a healing balm, but knows that a healing balm is not right. It's a bit like when Ben healed Jonesy's tar-and-feathering burns and healed his knee at the same time: I feel like I'm doing important stuff for me overall, while making it from moment to moment within the immediate contexts of my life.

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