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June 13, 2006



This is very nice. You may already know, but Proust writes wonderfully about this in, I believe, In a Budding Grove, particularly his expectation of first seeing an opera singer he so wants to hear, which of course is hugely disappointing, though he eventually comes to admire the performance. But I can't remember if this appreciation comes through a mere resignation to the real's inadequacy or through the narrator's willingness to reorder reality.I've seen this same process happen lately to my son, and he's only five years old. He wanted to go to chess camp, so we agreed to send him. For weeks we heard only about the impending chess camp. When I picked him on the first day, I could read confusion and disappointment on his face, which continued throughout the week. But now, in the past few days, chess camp has become an exciting, evocative experience again, a thing that a gives him great feelings and elicits good memories.

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