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August 19, 2006



Dear Blah-feme,
Beautiful blog and, as ever, wonderful reads. Glad to see you've decided to open up to you 'first kind of friends'. I'll try to stop by quite regularly.
Your dilemma is quite familiar. I too sometimes, feel that I'm not taking that "blogging thing" to its full potential and a lot of the time, my own writing helps me exorcise -or at least cope with- the shallowness of my own existence (well, at least that's how I justify it, hence the title: "virtual triviality"). To answer your query, if a query there was, I don't necessarily think that you should have "two kinds" of entries, i.e. one for the 'serious' and meaningful stuff and another for the more day-to-day trivial. The beauty about blogging is that you make it your own and shouldn't care what people think of it. It is after all an exercise in introspection and whether you talk about your day or political & philosophical issues, you are still, in the end, talking about yourself. So... in essence, keep doing what you do so well. I may not always respond to your latest witty comments on Lacanian thought or 'Foucaultian' discourse (if there is such a thing!) but I will always read it with a lot of interest. Coz, after all, this is what Dr I is about, and we love and admire you for it. :-)
Onto other things: I couldn't find it here but I absolutely loved your entry "I curse the men". It was very moving. I subscribed to it so much that I wanted to add it to by blog (with a reference and tribute to you of course!). Anyway... Enough said for today. I shall browse your links section with a lot of interest. A bientot! F xxx

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