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December 19, 2006



Blah-feme, if you're looking for alternatives, there are Lacanians such as Bruce Fink and myself who also practice by phone. The repressed does always return. Contact me offlist if you're interested in contact information. No need to post this.


Would that everyone had "long since learnt to question such casual notions of the nowness of now?" While in certain academic circles thay may be true, sadly, it certainly isn't outside that very particular realm of discourse.

It's interesting to think about what the differences might be between what CBT (as a theoretical model) has in mind when the "here and now" are emphasized and what is meant by the various analytic lines of thought when they speak of the same thing. Even within psychoanalysis there is much debate about how much the "here and now" ought to be understood on its own terms and how much in terms of transferential repetition/the return of the repressed.

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