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February 25, 2008



Great post. I don't know if this is neither here nor there, but in Seminar 10, L'angoisse, Lacan remarks that "anger is what happens when the little pegs don't fit into the holes." Since nothing can have a place or be lacking in the real-- at least according to Lacan's early definitions of the real as that without lack or fissure --this implies that there must be something like a symbolic grid (the holes) thrown over the world for something like anger to be possible. Yet anger seems to emerge at precisely those points where the symbolic is no longer functional... The trite example of someone failing to use their turn signal as they suddenly jump in front of you in traffic. The thing I find curious and especially frustrating about anger-- and maybe I'm just idiosyncratic this way --is that it seems to be accompanied by an intersubjective double-bind. If I try to articulate my anger or someone tries to understand it, I seldom find that the anger dissipates, but rather it seems to grow and increase like gasoline has been thrown on it. Maybe this is the point of the first Ring film. The film follows the standard New Age ideology that if the wrong is just acknowledge or cathartically relieved (learning the girls story, dying with her, burying her), the wrong will be surmounted. Yet the spectre returns after Naomi Watts has done all this and the only way to appease the haunting spirit is to distribute the trauma to others by making copies of the video tape. On the other hand, if the anger is not recognized, placed in speech, or acknowledged, it also seems to fester and grow, forming relations to everything else, such that before long all sorts of things previously unconnected to the anger now get drawn into its symbolic universe as a sort of network.


hey sinthome

sorry i's taken me SO long to get back o you on this. I've been away in Spain (lucky me? - no - it was work not fun, believe me). Anyway, his is all very useful stuff. i know the Lacan text, bu for some reason, I completely forgot to check it again before writing these posts. I'll have a good read now I have some time. Hope Easter found you well and content. I agree absolutely about the double bind of anger - it is as if to express it is to give it life, somehow - it's like a very strange symptom of the superego in that neither avoiding it nor giving in to it offer any respite....

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