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February 23, 2008



Wow--this is great, more to think about it. I just saw Atonement and have marvelled at English repression. I also know what you mean by the spasm of anger. I once found all the members of my department staring at me during a meeting. It took a couple of seconds for me to realize that it was because of the expletives pouring out of my mouth. The fury had taken me completely unawares. I wonder, does one need to know the kind of anger one is feeling when one feels it? It could be that my initial response was too subject centered, too dependent on a subject that knows. At any rate, I like the way your posts on this open up this kind of affect.


thanks Jodi - nice to hear from you and great response...
Atonement really is fabulous in its studied elaboration of English repression: it gets the texture of the English emotional world absolutely right and the details are beautifully observed: it is striking that many read the film as atavistic or as showing a world long since gone but that emotional structure seems to me to be still absolutely real. God bless the Queen! :-)

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