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December 16, 2008



My goodness, I was only turned onto your blog about a month ago, but I've been reading it and following the citations to sources on desire, gender, and the voice as thoroughly as possible, and to great benefit. What a beautiful post! Thank you for the reference to McClary, whom I wasn't familiar with but look forward to reading. Something about the whole post reminded of a sequence from Pierrot le Fou, which I recently posted to my own blog,
If you have any time, you may enjoy checking it out. Otherwise thank you for the incredible chapter and your powerful exercises of theoretical imagination!

a pleasure to finally introduce myself across this electronic gap here,



hey Isaac..., thanks for your very kind comment. I must confess to having been thinking about giving up the blog altogether, but your kind words have spurred me on a bit and I am now up for some more postings... I'll check out your blog in detail this weekend, but my first impressions are very favorable. I'll add you to my blogroll straight off.



i must agree with my friend isaac here. your posts are very engaging and some of the most interesting i've found here on this 'blogosphere'. i have been extremely interested in voice/gender relativity/music myself these days, and i'm glad a blog such as yours exists.

looking forward to more,

kieran (


wow thanks Kieran for you very kind remarks

I am feeling very buoyed and psyched to get some writing done... love your blog by the way

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