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February 24, 2007



As someone who's own analysis lasted many years, I've always found the idea of a 10-12 session treatment somewhat mind-boggling. But as you say, the range of experience --quickly terminated to ever ongoing-- ought to be embraced. My patients often ask at the outset how long the process will take to which I can only say some version of "there's no predicting."


I think that maybe you were subjected to the version of psychotherapy design for the proletariat, the commodified worker bees, the farmyard animals of the economic hierarchy. Of course, the whole process is going to be unsatisfying for you, and only provide enough of a "cure" to get you back to work (or working more efficiently, perhaps, in your case) without making you too big for your breeches!


I, too, find the element of coercion in this very strange.


yes... I must confess to having being happy to go for this to start with, but the process seemed so channelled and yet simultaneously unfocussed as to leave me more confused than helped, to be frank. I guess I shouldn't generalise here - bad therapy in any form is always a distressing expeience and one could imagine a psychodynmaic, Fredian or Lacanian appropach being equally hopeless in the hands of an ill-suited therapist.

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